Long-Standing NASCAR Official Partner Goodyear Is Recipient of 2014 “Driving Business Award”


For the past 60 years The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company has been a fixture at the track each race weekend, developing and supplying tires for the most demanding drivers in the world to face the grueling conditions of NASCAR. Goodyear’s success in the sport has not been limited to its efforts on the track.

Today, in a ceremony hosted at the NASCAR Fuel for Business (NFFB) meeting in Las Vegas, NASCAR Chief Operating Officer Brent Dewar officially presented Goodyear with the “Driving Business Award.” The annual award is bestowed to the Official NASCAR Partner that demonstrates extraordinary leadership and results through its participation in the NFFB Council.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the NFFB Council is a business-to-business platform that brings together an exclusive group of more than 50 Official NASCAR Partners to buy and sell products and services. Since its inception in 2004, the quarterly meetings have facilitated more than 1,000 “speed meeting” sessions where Official NASCAR Partners meet and do business with one another.

The NFFB Council offers the unique opportunity for many Fortune 500 companies to bypass the time and layers of corporate coordination that may exist and construct customized deals to help address specific business needs. The council helps save millions of dollars for its participating members on an annual basis.

“We proudly join Goodyear in celebrating six decades of success with NASCAR,” said Dewar. “The company’s longevity in our sport is emblematic of its commitment to excellence – both on and off the track. The NASCAR Fuel for Business Council brings together partners from a wide spectrum of industries for the sole purpose of doing business with one another. What sets it apart from anything else in sports is the resolve partners like Goodyear demonstrate, as members of the Council, to drive business-to-business value.”

Goodyear has been a proud member of the NFFB Council since 2008, and currently conducts business with nearly half of the companies in the council. As a result, Goodyear has formed a number of key marketing and promotional relationships with Official NASCAR Partners that help drive retail traffic and sales. The Goodyear Gives Back charitable program has been heavily supported by a number of NASCAR Official Partners, including Chevrolet, DRIVE4COPD, Ford, Freightliner, MARS, MillerCoors, Sprint and Toyota.

“Goodyear’s longstanding involvement in NASCAR has driven our performance both on and off the track,” said Gary Melliere, Goodyear’s general manager of sponsorships. “It not only fuels the development of better consumer tires, it also serves as a platform for engaging NASCAR’s large and loyal fan base. The Fuel for Business Council has helped us build stronger B2B relationships and collaborate with Council members to amplify each others’ marketing programs. We’re honored to be recognized for our efforts through the Driving Business Award and look forward to even more collaboration in the future.”


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