February 19th Story Links

Various stories from the NASCAR world.

Jeff Gordon still motivated to capture that elusive fifth NASCAR championship By Mark McCarter

Bleacher Report:

Even 12 Years After His Death, Dale Earnhardt’s Memory Is Still Very Much Alive By Jerry Bonkowski

Favorites to Claim Checkered Flag at Season’s First Race By Mike Hoag

Fort Mills Times:

Wrangler Teams up with NASCAR legends For a Trip Down Memory Lane

Fox Sports:

NASCAR Barometer: Daytona 

Miami Herald:

Kyle Larson poised for stardom in NASCAR By Dan Gelston

Monday Morning Crew Chief: 

Rating the Sprint Unlimited: 3 Stars ***

From posts to pole: Danica Patrick coverage likely to be extreme, but at least no word on Jimmie Johnson’s C-posts

Orlando Sentinel:

A conservation with NASCAR Cup champion Brad Keselowski By George Diaz

SB Nation:

Jeff Gordon and Danica Patrick should avoid pack racing in Gatorade Duels By Matt Weaver

NASCAR Set to host inaugural Battle at the Beach on Monday and Tuesday; what is it? By Matt Weaver

Kyle Larson and C.E. Falk talk wild finish in All-American Series Battle at the Beach By Matt Weaver

Sporting News:

Bobby Allison still struggles to remember historic victory over son Davey By Matt Crossman

USA Today:

Tony Stewart calls Danica Patrick’s boyfriend ‘son’ By Nate Ryan

Dale Earnhardt Jr. launching online podcast network By Jeff Gluck

Danica Patrick stars on, off track after historic day By Nate Ryan


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